About us

We are a dedicated team that  strives to achieve the best results...

At CEPK, we have several years of experience in regulatory affairs and perform tasks as e.g. Lead Auditor and Data Protection Officer (DPO) on behalf of manufacturers. We act as a link between manufacturers and notified body/regulatory authorities as we prepare manufacturers for external audits, and we ensure compliance with requirements from the national Data Protection Agency and GDPR. We implement, write and review all forms of quality and regulatory documentation and ensure compliance with directives, regulations and standards.

We use Scrum principles to ensure that every task is solved in the best way possible. We have daily meetings, either remote or onsite – we use sprint planning and retrospective evaluation to support each other, provide feedback and use each other’s core competences to ensure that we reach our goals. We share relevant experiences to be prepared for every challenge.

In addition to Scrum principles, CEPK has implemented a Quality Management System. Procedures are implemented and they are reviewed and updated frequently in order to achieve the best possible daily practices, structure and management.

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